Friday, February 22, 2013

Extension of Hill Queen up to Silchar opposed

Extension of Hill Queen Express upto Silchar is strongly opposed by the several organisations of Dima Hasao.
The popular Hill Queen Express running between Lumding – Lower Haflong and vis-a-vis  was introduced by the N F Railway five years back with the initiative of the then General Manager and the representatives of Dima Hasao Autonomous Council. This train was the only convenient train communication for the people of Dima Hasao to Guwahati which used to give connection with the Janasatabdi at Lumding.
It is learnt that the N F Railway has advertised in some papers the extension the Hill Queen mentioning the timing of the extended Up Hill Queen which will leave Silchar at 6.30 AM and will reach Lumding at 5.30 PM while the Down Hill Queen will leave at 9.45 am from Lumding.
Sri  Ashok Langthasa, President, Disru Cultura Club, Maibang expressing his concern over the decision of the N F Railway authority said if there was no way for the Railway Authority other than to extend the Hill Queen up to Silchar then, one AC coach and five other coaches should remain reserved for the Dima Hasao people and these coaches should be attached and detached at Lower Haflong while going to Lumding and coming from Lumding respectively since this train was introduced specially to facilitate  the Dima Hasao people to get connection of Jansatabdi at Lumding. He also said if the Railway authority fails to understand the difficulties of the people of Dima Hasao, then the people of Dima Hasao will be compelled to go for strong agitation soon.
Meanwhile, the All Dimasa Students Union (ADSU) has taken strong exception on the decision of the N F Railway in regards to the extension of the Hill Queen. Sri Aripom Bodo, President, All Dimasa Students Union (ADSU) disclosed that the Railway authority should introduced one more train for the Barak Valley instead of extending the Hill Queen, since the very name ‘Hill Queen’ resembles the ‘Hill’. The Railway should not provide facilities to one depriving others. If the railway do not change the proposal of extension of the ‘ Hill Queen’, there may be a strong agitation in near future.
 Submitted by Anup Biswas on Thu, 21/02/2013 - 19:16

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