Saturday, June 18, 2011



This is the photo of hatikhali hospital a sub-center of Langthing Hospital.The hospital is posted with required numbers of  doctors and Nurses and all the staff.The hospital stand vacant with no staff except the Choukidhar.The people of hatikhali and many nearby villagers face the difficulties of getting treatment from many diseases and also due to raining seasons that beings many sickness.This hospital is opened very few days in a week besides it has got no required medicines and vacination for the patients.
The people are facing a though time to get treatment from the private hospitals and from pharmacies around.This is all due to the negligence of the local political leader and the responsible Health Department of the the Dima Hasao district.It is also said that staff of the sub-center do not stay in their provided qua tors.This is all need to be taken into observance of the staff as well the head departments to provide full required medicines and permanent staff in the hospital.

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