Monday, February 25, 2013

CEM Debojeet Thaosen laid the foundation stone of Mailu Hajong LIS

Haflong, February 23,2013 – The Chief Executive Member(CEM) of Dima Hasao Autonomous Council (DHAC) Shri. Debojeet Thaosen laid the foundation of Mailu Hajong Lift Irrigation Scheme (LIS) at Mailu Hajong today, 23 February 2013  at 12:00 noon in the presence of  Executive Member (EM) Shri. Samuel Changsan, EM Shri. Subrata Hojai, Executive Engineer of North N.C.Hills Division (Irrigation),Maibang Shri. A.R.Mazumdar; General Secretary of DCC(I) Tulsi Prasad Upadhaya, Secretary of DCC(I) Mahendra kemprai and others.

In the presence of the media persons and the public the CEM said that this LIS will be benefitted by the people of the area, especially by the farmers. We will utilize this Langting river as the ‘gift of the people of Langting area’ and it will be utilized for the purpose if the construction is completed and manage the same properly. The farmers, if the farms is provided with sufficient water, will increase their produces in the coming harvesting time. The CEM expressed his confident in the EE Mazumdar and staffs to carry out the work at an early date so that it may help many farmers to get more and even surplus harvest in the coming near future.  He also appeal the farmers, villagers, general public and workers to extend full co operation for the success of the scheme.
The EE Shri. A.R.Mazumdar informed that the Government of India, Ministry of Water Resource, sanction 30 numbers of New Surface Minor Irrigation under AIBP for the year 2012-13. Among these, this Mailu Hajong Lift Irrigation Scheme (LIS) is one under the Executive Engineer of North N.C.Hills Division (Irrigation),Maibang, Dima Hasao District, will be implemented year-wise for three years i.e. 2013, 2014 and 2015. This will cover an area of 260 hecters. The total amount is Rs. 380 crore, to be sanctioned and implemented year-wise for three year i.e. 2013, 2014 and 2015.
EE Mazumdar assured the gathering public saying, “ The work will be implemented for your benefit properly as we have efficient SOs, other workers. We will try our best as we have dynamic leaders like CEM Debojeet Thaosen, who never allow us to sit idle and EM in charge Samuel Changsan and also EM Subrata Hojai to help us in our work. But please do not give us too much pressure. Instead help us to serve you better and to correct if any mistake happen as mistake often occur in any work.”
CEM Debojeet Thaosen laid the foundation of Mailu Hajong LIS on 23 Feb 2013 in the presence of in his right EE ARMazumdar and left EMSamuel Changsan and EM Subrata Hojai
Under the Langting MAC constituency, Mailu Hajong, where the LIS is to be constructed is at Mailu Hajong, is situated near Langting river which is far from around 20Km from Langting town.

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