Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dimasa rebels float outfit

- Group aims for Dimasa kingdom
Nagaon, Jan. 23: Fifteen former leaders of the militant Dima Halam Daogah have reportedly joined hands with a Dimapur-based Naga militant group to float the Dimasa National Revolutionary Front (DNRF) in Dima Hasao district of Assam.
The group, which wants to establish a separate Dimasa kingdom, comprises three top Dimasa militant leaders — R.J. Dimasa alias Arje Dimasa, Soten Dimasa and Jensingh Dimasa.
These Dimasa youths had taken to the path of militancy around a decade ago. After the DHD (Dilip Nunisa) entered into a ceasefire with the Centre in 2003, they joined the breakaway Jewel Garlosa faction in 2004 and a little more than two years after the Jewel faction entered into a ceasefire in October 2009 they joined hands with an NSCN faction to float the revolutionary front. Police sources, however, did not disclose which NSCN faction’s support it had.
A high-level source in Dima Hasao police said the new outfit was a pre-mature militant organisation with microscopic arms strength but its leaders had launched a massive extortion drive in Dima Hasao from its Dimapur-based camp with the help of locally enrolled cadres.
The source said some businessmen and employees of companies headquartered outside the state but having a base in the district had received extortion notes from the outfit asking money for organisational work. These notes and subsequent developments have helped the police to identify the persons behind the outfit, he added.
The source said the fledgling outfit was behind the kidnapping of a senior executive of Tribeni Construction Ltd, Dharmendar Yadav, who had been missing from the railway construction site at Langting, 130km from the district headquarters of Haflong, since January 12. The outfit is said to have demanded Rs 2 crore from the company for Yadav’s release.
Yadav was, however, rescued from Langting on January 20 and Pritom Nunisa and Ranjan Langthasa, two close aides of the outfit’s chief, Jensingh Dimasa, were arrested. Jensingh, once a senior military cadre of the DHD, joined the DHD (J) in 2004. He reportedly left Jewel group along with his colleagues because of ideological differences.
“Interrogation of the two DNRF cadres has revealed that round-the-clock search operation and area domination by security forces has forced the leaders of the new group to operate from outside the district with the help of some faithful supporters,” the source said.
A source in the DHD (Jewel), however, said the faction did not have cadres by these names. “Of our 360-plus cadres, 100 had enrolled in battalion and are now undergoing training. Some of our cadres are missing and that was reported to the police. But we do not know anything about Jensing Dimasa or R.J. Dimasa.”
Nunisa said his group did not have cadres of such names either. “Some cadres could possibly have adopted new names and formed the new group,” he said.

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