Thursday, January 19, 2012

1000 Crore scam against the N.C. Hill Autonomous Council: false and fabricated says Mohet Hojai

Mohet Hojai, former Chief Executive Member, erstwhile North Cachar Hills Autonomous Council now Dima Hasao Autonomous Council while coming to the special court, NIA Guwahati  told this correspondent, that the so called Rs.1000 Crore scam in N.C. Hills now Dima Hasao District which was much hyped in the local News Papers and Electronic  Private Channels during the last two and half was nothing but a political issue of the various opposition parties in the state to gain their political mileage during the last Assam Assembly Election 2011. 
According to Hojai the Annual Budget Provision of the N.C Hills Autonomous Council for the year 2008-2009 was Rs.97.05 Crore for plan fund and Rs.97.48 Crore for Non plan fund. The Non plan fund meant for payment of salaries of the state govt. employees and Rs.28.00 crore had been released by the N.C. Hills Autonomous Council out of the plan fund as stated above for payment of committed salaries to the employees of Council Normal Sector and an amount of Rs.34.42 crore out of the remaining plan fund has been released to the concerned departments for implementation of the various schemes during his short period of regime as CEM, NCHAC from 2nd Jan/2009 to 29th May/2009,  then, how it was possible to occur the so called 1000 Crore scam during the regime of  Sri Mohet Hojai, he argued. 
The so called allegation of 1000 Crore scam against the N.C. Hill Autonomous Council revealed as false and fabricated with report of the One Man Enquiry Commission headed by S.C. Das I.A.S. Principal Secretary to the government of Assam, Home and Political Department which has been submitted to the govt. of Assam dated Dispur the 3rd September 2009 wherein it clearly mentioned the receipt and expenditures of the Council during the year 2008-2009 was Rs. 194.53 Crore only.
Justifying his stand, he further stated that those who brought the so called allegation did not know about the actual Annual Budget Provision of the N.C. Hills Autonomous Council (NCHAC).

Source: assamtimes

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