Tuesday, March 1, 2011


When the entire state is getting ready for the ensuing Assembly election, here in Dima Hasao, the lone 16-Haflong (ST) constituency, no enthusiasm was observed till the date.
Because—Lone constituency, more over the people are interested in Autonomous Council and above all the ruling Congress (I) last time denied the ministry for the lone MLA of Dima Hasao. People said only one MLA out of 126 MLAs in the state cannot raise the voice of the people. This way, the existing MLA was helpless to provide benefit to the people of the district.
The people of Harangajao, alleged they never saw the MLA within last five years. The MLA never raised any voice for the people of Harangajao. They were suffering a lot for the lack of road, medical care etc.The Hafong – Silchar road is prime means of communication for the people of Harangajao. But due to wanton earth cutting in the name of BG construction, Haflong- Silchar remains in dilapidated condition for a long time.
The people of Gunjung and Dehangi alleged most of the political leaders come to them only before the election but after winning they disappear like anything. They promise a lot during the election but never try to address their grievances. Some say they even don’t know the name of their MLA. All the offices here are lying as cowshed. The weeds have engulfed the office building and even the quarter of the staffs. The condition of PHE, PWD, Soil Conservation, High School building, Veterinary etc are in dilapidated condition. The medical facilities are also inadequate. This centre cannot provide minimum basic needs of the people. The Dehangi High School and hostel building are in deplorable condition.
source:assam times

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