Friday, March 4, 2011


The DIMA HSAO Autonomous Council (DHAC) has condemned law enforcing authorities for failing to put a halt to violence by unidentified miscreants in Haflong of  Dima Hasao district. The DHAC officials also expressed concern over the persistence of the situation in the area which might disrupt the assembly elections in April.

Haflong has seen several incidents of violence during the last few days. A grenade was defused on Thursday morning at the residence of Mayanon Kemprai, an executive member of the Haflong council. Another grenade attack was reported from the house of Subrata Hojai, an executive member, on Wednesday.

"We condemn such acts of miscreants who are trying to disturb peace in the district. The more serious concern is that no one has been able to nab the culprits. Security mechanisms and the state government have failed to curb crime in the area," said the chairman of the council, Depolal Hojai, addressing a press meet in the city on Thursday. "We want an immediate solution to the problem. The law enforcement agencies and the central government should find a permanent solution to check the formation of groups that can disturb peace in the district and affect development work here," Hojai said urging the central government to expedite the process of peace talks.

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